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Meet Our Training, Development & IT Consultants

Tom Chiasson, Training, Development & IT Consultant (& Dr. Jo’s Husband)

Tom Chiasson

Tom Chiasson

I do have my everyday career, but since meeting Dr. Joanne, I have become an intricate part of the team at Genesis Chiropractic & Wellness Centre assisting with HR issues as well as helping with IT.

I can honestly say that chiropractic has changed my life. While flying, I used to experience air sickness as well as experience extreme heartburn, but regular adjustments greatly reduced the incidents of air sickness and my heartburn is all but gone (the odd bowl of 5 alarm chili reminds me of it from time to time).

I have witnessed and heard of amazing results from the patients first hand of how their conditions have improved as a result of the care they receive from Dr. Joanne.

When I am not busy with one of these two “careers” I enjoy handyman projects around the house and cooking.

George Rae, Castelia Software

George Rae

George Rae

George Rae owns and operates Castelia Software @ 68 Lovett Lake Court, Halifax. It has been in operation since 1987 and services small to medium sized business.

George has been a part of our technical support team at Genesis Chiropractic & Wellness Centre since 2001. His IT support and technical assistance is always well received and most appreciated. Through his ongoing technical supervision and direction, he allows our clinical and administrative staff, a greater opportunity to apply our skills to better serve our patients and their loved ones! Thank You George!

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