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About Us

Patient at the front deskGenesis Chiropractic & Wellness Centre was founded by Dr. Joanne Kostadopoulos in the summer of 2001 in Halifax. Her chiropractic care centre is unique in that it’s “brain-based.” Her clinic emphasizes the importance of a sound nervous system. By enhancing brain-body communication, vitality returns and healing can occur. Dr. Joanne’s many patients would agree.

Our Mission

Our vision is to help every man, woman and child who walks through our door live a better life. We feature brain-based chiropractic. Our diagnostic testing is second to none and helps each patient understand how well their brain is communicating with the rest of the body. Each patient has a unique brain pattern, and it’s our job to unlock yours.

Through our extensive, non-invasive neurological testing and scan technology we help our patients thrive:

  • Function is enhanced
  • Natural healing occurs
  • Pain lessens or is eliminated
  • The ability to handle stress improves
  • Vitality and well-being resurface

Come in and Meet Our Team Today

Are you or a loved one ready to experience the gentle art of chiropractic? There’s no need to continue to suffer. We have the tools and expertise to turn your life around. Our office features on-site spinal scans for your convenience. Contact our warm and inviting clinic today for an appointment!

About Genesis Chiropractic & Wellness Centre | (902) 445-0221

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