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Genesis Chiropractic & Wellness Centre Reviews

What Our Halifax Patients Say

Left with Little Pain

I came to Dr. Joanne barely able to walk from horrible lower back pain. Within half an hour and a few adjustments, I was able to walk out of the clinic with very little pain! I went into my appointment with little hope for relief from the pain and stiffness however Dr. Joanne worked wonders and has made me truly believe that the Genesis Chiropractic and Wellness Center was the right choice!

- Julie B.

Informative and Professional

My first visit was very informative and professional. I came away with a positive feeling that Dr. Joanne will be able to solve my issues and restore me back to a pain free lifestyle.

- Pat M.

Feeling Hopeful

I am hopeful and optimistic that my back will improve with treatment. Was very impressed with the spine scanning equipment and how the results showed up and were so easy to see and understand.

- Debra P.

Willing to Answer Questions

After a year of uncertainty whether Kelsey’s sprained ankle will be healed, I am very confident that we will have the positive results that we were hoping. The atmosphere in the clinic is warm and welcoming and the staff is very friendly and willing to answer any questions that we may have.

- Elaine P. (Kelsey’s Mom)

Life is Good

After meeting Dr. Joanne and her staff, I came to her clinic to get new orthotics. During our initial conversations, she explained that adjustments were not “snaps and jerks”, but gentle manipulations which could help me in a variety of ways. I decided to give it a try. After several adjustments, I have to say I feel 20 years younger. I am more flexible, I move more easily with less pain, and sleep more soundly. My IBS is under control. I feel more relaxed and life is good…Thanks to Dr. J and her wonderful staff.

- Donna C.

Feeling Less Pain

Dr. Joanne is a highly trained chiropractor with many specialized procedures. One that responds well to my condition is the Koren Specific Technique (KST). I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 30 years ago. Chiropractors have been partners in my health care for over 20 years. Since coming under Dr. Joanne’s care, I find myself with less pain. I’m so happy Dr. Joanne is on my team now. My life is better for it.

- Dale B.

Dr. Joanne is Thorough

I am glad I have chosen this office for my treatments, as Dr. Joanne is very thorough and doesn’t leave you in the dark with no unanswered questions; and she shows she cares for every individual patient.

- Christine Z.

Highly Recommend

I have learned so much since coming here (Genesis Chiropractic & Wellness Centre), and how important it is to take care of your health, emotionally and physically. I highly recommend chiropractic to everyone I know.

- Wanda H.

I Am a Changed Person!

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and had been in therapy for over a year with little progress. I had pain almost every day of my life, and as a result, had been very depressed prior to chiropractic care. I never realized before that chiropractors did more than adjust your spine. Through my regular adjustments, (and) Dr. Joanne’s recommended diet, vitamins, and a life plan, I am a changed person. This office has taught me how to stay happy, healthy and positive in all situations, and I owe my successful recovery to them. I think that we all need adjustments and we all need in our lives, a Dr. Jo!

- Paula M.

Big Improvement

My issues to me were not issues, so I thought. I had the normal sore shoulder, stress in my middle back, issues with sleeping and sore feet. I would just deal with it. Since starting chiropractic care, I’ve been made more (aware) of the above issues. I find that I sleep better and the stress and soreness are mild to non-existent. During my assessment, it was noted that one leg was longer than the other and it was the first time someone took that extra step to help correct that problem and now I feel I am more in line when I walk with the proper orthotics in my shoes. To my delight, the biggest improvement for me is; I use to have issues with my feet sweating and having to change my socks during the day, and I’ve tried lots of things in my 31 years. After a few adjustments during my chiropractic care, I no longer have this issue. I can’t thank Dr. Joanne enough.

- Tyson L.


Finding “wellness” is often challenging. Finding a place that will support your “wellness” can be even more challenging. Genesis Chiropractic & Wellness Centre has offered me an opportunity to take responsibility for my well-being in a positive, safe, healing way. For me, coming here has been life-changing in more ways than what one would think chiropractic treatments would produce. Things like allergies and fibromyalgia have decreased in my body dramatically along-side an increase in my flexibility, and energy. I am blessed to have found this clinic and would recommend it to anyone.

- Joanne C.


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